2018 Voting Delegates

NWRCC Regional Assembly Voting Delegates: Who They Are, How Many, Reporting

There are a variety of ways a person may be designated a Voting Delegate for an NWRCC Regional Assembly.  Please review the By-Laws excerpt below and then review your congregation's data for their allowed number of delegates.  At the bottom of this page, a designated representative (minister, board chairperson, office administrator, etc) may complete the Voting Delegates Worksheet electronically.

From the NWRCC By-Laws


Voting Representatives:

1.    From Congregation

  • Each congregation is entitled to designate three (3) voting representatives and may designate alternates if desired. Congregations are entitled to one (1) additional voting delegate for each one hundred (100) members or fraction there of over 200 participating members.
  • Each congregation is entitled to designate one (1) additional representative and alternate under the age of twenty (20) years.
  • Participating membership of congregations will be determined using the most recent Year Book and Directory of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
  • Each congregation will be notified of the Regional Assembly at least ninety (90) days in advance.  Notice will include the number of voting representatives to which each congregation is entitled.
  • Certification of the names of congregational voting representatives and alternates must be sent to the office of the NWRCC prior to the Assembly.  Under extenuating circumstances late certification may be processed at the Assembly.

2.    Members of the Board of Directors shall be voting representatives

3.    Ordained and Commissioned clergy with standing in the NWRCC shall be voting representatives

Membership figures from the 2017 Year Book appear in the parenthesis following the church names below and the number of delegates listed INCLUDES the one person under age 20.

The Voting Delegates Worksheet should be returned to the NWRCC by April 20, 2018 either by mail or via the electronic form below.

City Name Members


   City Name Members Delegates

2017 NWRCC Congregation Statistics

Aberdeen United CC 55


  Renton United CC   4
Anchorage FCC 100 4   Richland NW United Protestant 110 4
Bellingham FCC 100 4   Seattle All Pilgrims CC 100 4
Bremerton FCC 128 4     Lake City CC 55 4
Chelan Chelan CC 30 4     Northwest CC 56 4
Clarkston FCC 140 4     Queen Anne CC 34 4
Creston Creston CC 90 4     University CC 57 4
Ephrata Memorial CC 38 4     Welcome Table 43 4
Everett Crystal CC 11 4   Spokane Country Homes CC 112 5
  Mannam   4     North Hill CC 80 4
  Our Common Table 2 4     Origin   4
Issaquah Missiongathering   4     Samoan CCC Spok.   4
Kennewick FCC 125 4   Spokane Vly. Greenacres CC 36 4
Kent FCC 215 5     Opportunity CC 85 4
  Samoan CCC   4   Sumner FCC 70 4
Kirkland Lake Washington CC 80 4   Tacoma East Side CC 25 4
Lacey Lacey Comm. Church 25 4     FCC 207 5
Longview FCC 80 4   Vancouver FCC 25 4
Moscow United CC   4   Waitsburg CC of Waitsburg   4
Mt. Vernon FCC 70 4   Walla Walla Central CC 41 4
Olympia FCC 150 4   Waterville Federated Church 130 4
Orofino FCC 44 4   Yakima Englewood 136 4
Othello Othello CC 46 4     United CC 65 4
Pt. Angeles FCC 42 4          
Puyallup FCC 121 4          


2018 NWRCC Regional Assembly Voting Delegate Worksheet (for Congregations)

Click on the triangle/arrow shapes to display the additional delegate/alternate fields.