Our Mission, Vision and Core Values


Called by God and sent by the Living Christ, we the Northwest Regional Christian Church intentionally engage with one another rejoicing in our diversity and shared gifts, deepening our spiritual life, building true community, acting courageously in ministry and mission, and sharing God’s good news with a fresh voice and a new song. We seek to "do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God." (Micah 6:8)

Vision Statement

Chalices from around the world

Called by God’s grace to do together that which by God's design cannot be done apart,
and led by the movement of the Spirit of God, we proclaim the Northwest Regional Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
to be a community of communities,
valuing our strength in diversity,
honoring and acknowledging our various gifts,
offering them in faithfulness and service to the entire body.

Filled with the joy of God’s presence with us
we share together in hospitality, worship and praise
enriching our lives with scripture and prayer
singing songs of hope, faith and celebration
joining in the gifts of loaf and cup
inviting our neighbors to experience God’s abundance.

Created by God as part of the body of Christ in this place
  we join together in ministry
strengthening our bond to one another and to God
honoring and supporting those who guide us in God's new doings.

Challenged by the Word of God to live into God's purpose and promise
  we embrace ministries of justice and service
provoking one another to love and good deeds 
bringing good news to the poor, freeing the oppressed,
healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked.

Inspired by the faith that moves mountains
  we pour ourselves out into mission
caring for the earth and her creatures
listening anew for God’s Word in each moment
living forward with courage and compassion.

The Northwest Regional Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), with God's help,is living into God's purpose today, and trusting in the promise of God's tomorrow.

Core Values

Living Forward

  • We celebrate that God is always doing a new thing
  • Our faithful response is to continually be open to new ways of being church together
  • Though we honor and celebrate past traditions, we are not bound or limited by them

God-Centered, Spirit Led

  • We recognize that God is in our midst, shaping and forming our life together
  • We intentionally seek opportunities to listen anew for the Spirit's direction through prayer, worship, study of scripture, and the collective wisdom of the gathered community


  • Diversity is a gift from God that must be nurtured, cherished, and encouraged as God's truth is usually too much for any one of us alone
  • We are committed to acknowledging, healing and reconciling our brokenness and the wounds of the past
  • Knowing our oneness in Christ, we commit to be open, receptive and inclusive of all people


Through our understanding of the Region as an interconnected community of communities:

  • We are committed to increasing our connection and availability for joyful interaction
  • We are learning with God’s help to love one another through dialog, forgiveness, learning, and mutual support

Justice and Compassion

  • We are sent out by God to minister in Christ’s name
  • We are called to engage in intentional acts of justice and mercy
  • We are prepared to see the presence of Christ in everyone on earth

Christian Unity

"Christian unity is our polar star." – Barton Stone, one of our founders, stated

  • Our unity is a gift from God that we celebrate as we gather with joy around the one table
  • We recognize that our regional community is part of a wider community that includes not only Disciples but Christians and people of faith throughout the world