Sandy's Travel Log



1-2       Winter Talk, Toppenish, WA
3          Hold for worship with Central area congregation
5          Legacy Team via Zoom
            Judicatory Exec. Luncheon, Spokane
7          East area clergy, Spokane
9-12    General Board meeting, Indianapolis, IN
12-15   College of Regional Ministers, Indianapolis, IN
16-18  Family weekend
22-23  NW Winter Youth Retreat
24        Hold for Central area congregation
25        Moderator Team via Zoom


3          East area clergy, Spokane, WA
5-7       Visit/worship with Central Christian, Kalispell
8          New Region Structure/Bylaws Team meeting via Zoom
            NW/MT Officers meeting via Zoom
10        NW area clergy, Kirkland, WA
11         Visits with NW area clergy
12        Meeting with PSWR Search Committee, Orange, CA
13        Worship with FCC Longview
14-15   Visits with SW area clergy
15        Montana COM meeting via Zoom
16        NW Area Pastors Serving Congregations group
19-21   Family weekend (MLK Jr. Holiday)
22        Staffing/Resources Team via Zoom
27        Worship with Samoan Congregational Christian Church, Spokane
28       NW Regional Board via Zoom



2          Worship with Queen Anne CC, Seattle
            In-care meeting with ordination candidate
3          Partial staff meeting, Seattle
4          Judicatory Exec. Advent Retreat, Spokane, WA
            Global Ministries Missionary Presentation, Spokane, WA

5          All Staff Meeting via Zoom
            NW/MT Officers meeting via Zoom
6          Central Area Clergy, Yakima, WA
9          Worship with United Christian, Yakima
11         Montana Regional Board meeting via Zoom
12        Montana Regional Assembly planning via phone
15        Gwinwood Board meeting, Lacey, WA
16        Worship with Journey Christian Church, Seattle
18        Judicatory Exec. Christmas Dinner, Spokane, WA
24-Jan. 1 – Vacation


1          Spokane area clergy
3          Regional Board meeting, Puyallup, WA
4          Worship with FCC, Kent
            Gwinwood Annual Meeting
6          New Creation Structure/Bylaws team via Zoom
            Legacy Team meeting via Zoom
7          Staff review
            Lunch with Vancouver area pastors, Portland, OR
8          Staff 1:1 via Zoom
            Montana COM via Zoom
11         Worship with Northwest United Protestant, Richland, WA
14-16   College of Regional Ministers, San Diego, CA
17-18   Family weekend
19-25  Vacation and Thanksgiving (Office closed Thursday and Friday)
26        Officers meeting via videocall
27        New Creation Staffing/Resources team via Zoom
28       Video call with 2019 Regional Gathering Dream Team


1          College of Regional Ministers Task Group via Videocall
2          New Creation Structure/Bylaws Team via videocall
3-5      Disciples Seminary Foundation Board Meeting, Claremont, CA
7          Worship and Search Committee meeting with Northwest United Protestant, Richland, WA
9          New Creation Team via videoconference
11         Property Committee via videoconference
13        Mission Council, Richland, WA
16        Finance Team via Zoom
17        All Staff meeting via videoconference
            Staff annual review
19-20  Turner Lectures, Yakima, WA
20       Staff annual review
21        Worship with Missionathering, Issaquah
22        Executive Committee via videoconference
23        Phone call with Montana bookkeeper
24        Visits with Seattle area pastors
25        DSF/STM task group, Seattle
25        Staff Annual review
25-29  Visits with pastors and congregation, Anchorage, AK
28       Worship with FCC, Anchorage


4          Finance Team via Zoom
5          Lunch with Judicatory Execs
6          East Area clergy gathering
7          Montana Regional Board meeting, Rathdrum, ID
7-8      Common Table retreat, Rathdrum, Idaho
9          Worship with United Church, Moscow, Idaho
10        Meeting with Personnel Chair, Kent
11         Central Area clergy, Chelan, WA
12        All Staff meeting via Zoom
13        NW Area Clergy, Lake Washington CC, Kirkland
14-15   Commission on Ministry, Yakima, WA
16        Worship with Origin Church, Spokane
17-30  Vacation


5          Worship with FCC, Olympia
6          Visits with SW area pastors
7          Visit ChiRho/CYF camp
            Visit with NW area pastor
8          Staff meeting via Zoom
11-12   Family weekend
15        All Staff meeting via Zoom
18        Gwinwood board meeting
23        Spokane area judicatory leaders gathering
25        Worship with Samoan Congregational, Kent, Installation of New Pastor
26        Worship with Opportunity Christian Church
27        Executive Committee via Zoom
28       CRM meeting via Zoom
28       Host XPLOR residents for dinner
29-30  Visit with NW area pastors
31        Staff meeting


6-8      Family weekend
9          XPLOR meeting, Spokane
14        Ordination for Heesook Yoo, Lake Washington CC, Kirkland
15        Worship with FCC, Mount Vernon
            In-Care meeting with ordination candidate
16-18  College of Regional Minister, Birmingham, AL
19-20  National Convocation, Birmingham, AL
21        University CC Celebration, Seattle
22        Worship with FCC, Longview
23        Zoom conversations regarding creation of new region
            Moderator Team via Zoom
24        Legacy Team meeting, Yakima, WA
25        All Staff Meeting via Zoom
            New Creation team meeting
26        Zoom conversations regarding creation of new region
29        Worship with Creston Christian Church
30       Zoom conversations regarding creation of new region
31        Yakama Mission meeting via Zoom
            PRC meeting via Zoom


May 30-June 6         Vacation
10        Installation of Mark Wilton, Chelan
11         New Creation Team via video conference
13        All Staff Meeting, Seattle
15-16   Commission on Ministry, Spokane
18-July 1        Tour of Montana Churches


2          Meeting with Judicatory leaders, Spokane
3-4      DSF Meeting, Claremont, CA
5          Meeting with PSWR Search Committee, Orange, CA
7          Regional Assembly planning team via conference call
9          All Staff meeting via videoconference
10        Meeting with New Creation project coordinator via conference call
            RA Worship Planning Team
11-14   Family weekend/Vacation
18-20  Regional Assembly, Sumner, WA
24        Memorial Service
            PSWR Search Committee
27        Worship with North Hill Christian, Spokane
            Meeting with Greenacres CC
28       Memorial Day, Office closed


5          East Area clergy meeting, Spokane
​            Regional Assembly planning team via conference call

12        XPLOR meeting, Spokane
14-17   General Board, Des Moines, Iowa
18-19  College of Regional Ministers, Des Moines, Iowa
21-22  Family Weekend
23        DHM Nominating Committee via conference call
24        FCC Kent Search Committee via videoconference
25        All Staff Meeting via videoconference
            DSF Meeting via videocall
            Meeting with PSWR Search Committee chairpersons via conference call
27-30  Montana Regional Assembly, Great Falls, MT


1          East area clergy, Spokane
2          Chaplains Breakfast, Seattle
2-3      Commission on Ministry, Kent
4          Worship with FCC, Olympia
            In-care meeting with ordination candidate, Olympia
5          Legacy Team meeting via videoconference
8          New Creation Team via videoconference
9-12    Family weekend/vacation
13-17   Sandy to Seattle/Central area
14        All Staff retreat
15        NW Area clergy, Kirkland
17        Regional Board meeting, Yakima
19        Legacy Team meeting via videoconference
21        Meeting with Queen Anne Search via telephone
24        Gwinwood Board retreat, Lacey
25        Worship with United Christian, Renton
            Meeting with United Christian, Renton Search
27        Conference Call regarding AR training in May


1          Lunch with STM students
4-7      Advanced Clergy Clinic, Chicago (continuing education)
10        Area Gathering re: Montana conversations, Yakima
11         Worship with FCC Longview
12        Visits with pastors
14        All Staff meeting via videoconference
            Judicatory Executive Lunch, Spokane
17-19   Family weekend, President’s Day
20-22 WRIM meeting, San Diego, CA
27        Regional Assembly planning team via conference call


2         Legacy Team meeting via video call
           Meeting with staff
3         Judicatory Exec. Lunch, Spokane
4         Meeting with staff via Zoom
           East Area clergy, Spokane
6         In-care meeting for Ordination Candidate, Everett
7         Worship with East Side Christian, Tacoma
           Meeting with FCC, Sumner leadership
8-10    Consultation with Pacific SW Regional Commission on Ministry
9         Nominating Committee via Zoom
11​​       NW Area clergy, Kirkland
13-15  Family Weekend, Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
16      All Staff meeting via videoconference
17      Meeting with staff via Zoom
18      SW Area clergy. Puyallup
19      RM review team, Seattle
20      Area Gathering re: Montana conversations, Kent
21      Worship with All Pilgrims, Seattle
22      Thrive Event planning team via conference call       
          Exec. Committee via videoconference
23      Meeting with Rosario Ibarra (DCEF) via phone
          Nominating Committee via Zoom
          RA Planning team via conference call
27      Eastern Washington Legislative Conference
28      Worship with Memorial Christian, Ephrata
          Meeting with United Christian, Yakima leadership
30      New Creation Team via videocall



1          Meeting with New Church Coordinator via telephone
3          Worship with Samoan Congregational, Federal Way
            United Renton Search Committee, Renton
4          Meeting with DHM team via conference call
            Meetings with pastors, Seattle area
            Youth Ministry Coordinator Interview team via videoconference
5          Meetings with pastors, Kent area
            Meeting with DCEF representative
6          All Staff meeting, Kent
7          East Area clergy, Spokane
10        Worship with FCC, Kent, meeting with Search Committee
11-15   Available for Jury Duty, Spokane
11         Youth Ministry Coordinator Interview team via videoconference
16        Gwinwood Board Meeting via video call
18-22   Available for Jury Duty, Spokane
18        Youth Ministry Coordinator Interview team via videoconference
19        New Creation Team (Montana conversations via Video Call)
22-Jan 1         Vacation


2-5      Vacation
6          New Church Coordinator Interview Team
7          Coffee with Regional Minister (online group)
            PRC meeting via conference call
8          All Staff Meeting
            Meeting with Queen Anne Search Committee via video
9          Regional Assembly Planning team via video call
11         Annie Grogan Ordination – Lake Washington CC, Kirkland, WA
13-15   Disciples Home Missions Board meeting, Indianapolis, IN
15-18   College of Regional Ministers, Indianapolis, IN
19        Installation of Scott Kinder-Pyle, Origin, Spokane
20       Meeting with Judicatory Execs and World Relief, Spokane
21        New Creation Team (Montana Merger conversations via Video call)
22-27  Vacation and Thanksgiving Holiday
25        Memorial Service for Dorothy Skinner, Spokane
28       Executive Committee via Conference Call


1          Worship with Chelan Christian Church
            Meet with Chelan Search Committee
3          Regional Assembly Planning Team, Sumner
5          Transitions Breakfast, Spokane
6-8      Turner Lectures, Yakima
10        All Staff Meeting, Kent
11         Coffee with the Regional Minister (online group)
            Montana Merger Conversation Group
15        Worship with Lacey Community Church, Lacey
16-18  Advanced Clergy Clinic (Continuing Education), Chicago, IL
21-25  Vacation
26        STM/DSF Meeting, Seattle
28       Regional Board Meeting
29        Worship with FCC, Clarkston
30       Meeting with Affiliating Congregation pastor
            New Church Coordinator Interviews