Special Offering Information

Special Offering Days

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"Special Days in the life of the church often allow us to focus our worship, celebrations and fellowship around moments that are central to our faith.
Disciples Mission Fund Special Day Offerings also provide an opportunity to highlight specific ministries as part of our faith celebrations.

There are four Disciples Mission Fund Special Day Offerings received each year during Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seasons. Also, Special Mission Fund offerings for Week of Compassion and Reconciliation Ministry are received in the last two Sundays of February (Week of Compassion) and the last Sunday of September and the first Sunday of October (Reconciliation). Each offering supports a specific ministry providing critical resources."

Focus October/November 2017

Higher Education and Leadership Ministries- benefiting the colleges, universities, seminaries, and divinity houses affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

From the very beginnings of the movement, Disciples have founded institutions of higher learning, encouraging students in their intellectual pursuits.  The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is still committed to higher education. Currently, over 50,000 students attend our fourteen Disciples related colleges and universities or seven seminaries and divinity houses.  And in the past twelve months, over 12,000 students have graduated from these fine schools. 

On November 12 and 19, Disciples churches across the US and Canada will collect the Thanksgiving offering.  Your gift to the Thanksgiving offering helps to support the work of our institutions of higher learning in many ways: financially supporting Disciples related schools, providing undergraduate scholarships and support for spiritual life offices, and providing scholarships and support for those pursuing theological education. 

This November, please give generously to this year’s Thanksgiving offering.  Your gifts make a world of difference as Disciples continue our legacy of supporting education and our institutions of higher learning.


Check out http://disciplesmissionfund.org/special-offerings/thanksgiving/  for print resources, graphics, and worship materials to share with your community this November.