Mission Council

Mission is our Business!

The regional Mission Council is the primary ministry arm of the Northwest Region. It facilitates the living out of the Missional Result Area Focus chosen biennially by the regional Common Table event. It has primary responsibility for the Regional Assembly. The Council is a nurturing forum for new program ideas as well as reflectively evaluating the effectiveness of programs.  The Council seeks to move the Region ahead in ministry through networking, programming and coordination. The Mission Council employs a discernment model leading to consensus in decision making and refers to the mission as core to ongoing Regional programs. 


Name Position Home Church
Sandra Messick
Regional Minister & President, Ex-Officio
Journey Christian Church/Lake City CC, Seattle, WA
Brenton Nundahl
Area Coordinator Central- Youth/Young Adult
Northwest United Protestant Church, Richland
Sharon Nichols
Area Coordinator Northwest
All Pilgrims Christian Church, Seattle, WA
Leslie Smith
Area Coordinator Northwest- Youth/Young Adult
Jade Williamson
Area Coordinator Southwest- Youth/Young Adult
Anna Gibbons
Area Coordinator, Central
NW United Protestant Church
John Loucks
Area Coordinator, East
Country Homes Christian Church
Rebekka Berg
Area Coordinator, East
Clinton Collins
Area Coordinator, Southwest
First Christian Church, Bremerton
Sarita McReynolds
Mission Council Moderator
Origin, Spokane
Steve Best
Mission Council Moderator-Elect
Englewood Christian Church, Yakima
Rick Lewis
Regional Board Moderator
First Christian Church, Puyallup

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